Thanks to Sándor Horváth we got an opportunity to present our thesis originally written to the Students? Scientific Conference to the Professional Working Committee of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects. Our thesis talks about the measurable parameters of ecoconscious building technologies; also regarding Odooporject.

Our work ?The architectural aspects of carbon footprint: methods and critics? the last semester won the first prize in Sustainable Design section at the Students? Scientific Conference. The 2nd semester of 2011 we both spent at the Sustainable Design course at the Universität Lichtenstein thanks to Erasmus scholarship program. Our thesis summarizes our experiences and knowledge on this topic, and briefly presents Odooproject which could be considered as the practical application of our theoretical work.
Rita Pataky, the construction technology faculty advisor and Bálint Bakos, the student leader of this very team also accompanied us.

The aim of the thesis and the presentation was to raise awareness and start discussion in the community of practicing professional aswell. The presentation was very successful and the members of the Chamber also welcomed it with great interest, later a discusson about serious issues could develop.
We are very grateful to Sándor Horváth (assistant professor of Department of Building Constructions, BME) for organizing this event.

- Zsuzsanna Leskó és Árpád Áts -

dsc01675 Odoo at the Chamber of Hungarian Architects