László Milanovich

Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Electrical Engineer MSc (last year), Leading and Organising MSc (first year)

I was among the first ones, who joined to the project; first I imagined the automatisation conception of the house. I was always interested in automatisation topics, (my final thesis is based on robotics, my second major is building informatics), and as an electrical engineer I am happy to work in a project, which supports green energy sources. On the other hand I like to work and think with different people, communicate with them, learn from each other and as a result do something innovative: this project perfectly fits to these criterias.

2. What are you doing in the project right now?

In the beginning I was the only one who represented the automatisation fields: my work was to imagine all the innovative automatisation solutions what can take place in the house. Now, as all imaginations come closer and clearer, the tasks are more detailed and divided between us, I am working on one of the basic systems, designing the automatisation management level of the house.

3. What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the project?

First of all in the near future I would like to participate with our team successful in Madrid 2012.

Now I am in my last year as an electrical engineer, but have only one subject left before graduation. Besides the Technical University, I am doing my first year in Management and Leadership Msc at the Corvinus University, where I also completed some subjects in advance to have a half year free before the Solar Decathlon final competition. In the future I would like to work for a company which is operating on engineering fields, and I can also take advantage of my management and leadership knowledge. As a relaxation I practise a self-defending sport twice a week, and play table-football with friends. In my future plans stay also to improve my Spanish language knowledge.

4. In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

We are the first and the only team from our region. Because of this, we have a lot of difficulties and of course we know we need more energy but I am sure our team is enough talented, creative and enthusiastic to be successful. Maybe the most difficult part of the project is to obtain the financial support of the companies.

I feel lucky to be able to see our small team growing up to the challenge of the final competition, and to be the part of it.

milanovichl odooface2 OdooFace: László Milanovich

milanovichl odooface3 OdooFace: László Milanovich

Milanovich László

Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem másodéves MSc-s villamosmérnök illetve elsőéves MSc-s Vezetés és szervezés szakos hallgatója


1. Miért szálltál be a projektbe?

Az elsők között csatlakoztam a projekthez és először én terveztem meg az épület automatizálási koncepcióját. Mindig is érdeklődtem az automatizálási téma iránt, (szakdolgozatom a robotikán alapul, a második fő tárgyam az épületinformatika), és mint villamosmérnök örülök, hogy egy olyan projekten dolgozhatom, ami támogatja a zöld energiaforrások felhasználását. Másrészt szeretek különböző emberekkel együtt dolgozni és gondolkodni, beszélgetni; tanulhatunk egymástól és ennek eredményeképp létrehozunk valami innovatívot: ez a projekt teljesen megfelel ezeknek a kritériumoknak.